Quick and easy ideas for long hair

Indian women like to sport longer hair but recreating it in different ways becomes a task sometimes. Here are some easy, classic yet trendy styles to pick from. Zooey Deschanel’s bangs are a great way to go for people with long hair. They look great with curly or straight hair. Beyonce’s basic flat iron is … Continue reading

Pin-up girl: Kim Kardashian

Pin-up girls have been icons of beauty and sex appeal through the decades. The Pin-up girl section is an ode to the current day successful figures that constantly mesmerise with their impeccable taste in fashion, their inspiring beauty and their long list of achievements. Who: Kim Kardashian Why we love her: This girl is a … Continue reading

DIY: The top knot

Everyone’s wearing the chic topknot with or without bangs. Some like it chic while some like it more natural and messy. Use a little mousse or hair wax depending on how sleek you want it and tie all your hair in a top knot. If you have a big face, do leave a couple of … Continue reading

Celebrity Face-off: Part Tres

We love to share our opinions and comments on anything related to fashion and we know you do too. Here’s another set of our well-loved face-offs. Poll this. Kim Kardashian Rachel McAdams Amanda Seyfried Camille Belle Freida Pinto

Celebrity engagement rings

Some of these weddings have lasted and some haven’t but we do have lasting memories of their custom-made multi-thousand dollar rings. Pear cuts, round solitaires, emerald settings and obscenely large diamonds have caught our fancy. See what you fancy to renew wedding vows or for your wedding day. Or drop hints for your boyfriend so … Continue reading

Celeb Social Mania

In the fast-paced world of Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming we put together some recent social media pictures put up by celebrities sharing their most personal moments. Jessica Alba: This is so heart-warming to see, a perfect family picture. What really beats us is how gorgeous Jessica Alba looks in her non-glamorous avatar too. Victoria Beckham: … Continue reading

What celebs wear to the airport

Ever wonder what celebrities wear while travelling? Contrary to popular belief, comfort and fashion can be effortlessly combined into one. And if you don’t believe us, take some cues from these leading ladies of Hollywood. Travel fashion tips: – Wear an elastic waistband instead of your regular buttoned, pants style fare. Sweatpants, pleated elastic pants, … Continue reading