The Retro Darlings

We love how some Hollywood celebs have been rocking retro styles in the fanciest of ways. Little dresses with can-can and long gowns withe slits, polka dots and red lips. We like how they borrow from the yesteryears and still look so stylish and in with today’s trends. Grownup Chic(L-R): Rachel Zoe, Ariel Winter, Rachel … Continue reading

Teen Idols

They may not all be teenagers anymore but they are certainly worshipped by a lot of young people. We handpicked our selection of actors, musicians and fashionistas that have reached the teen idol status and become role models for the society at large. Miley Cyrus: Actor and singer, Miley Cyrus is still a teenager. She … Continue reading

The Pinky ring trend

Usually only brought out for a pinky swear, our little finger is often neglected. This has been the case with fashion as well but that is changing fast. The pinky finger is now getting preferential treatement with celebrities wearing everything from plain bands to chunky rings on their little finger. This means you don’t need to step out … Continue reading

Tattoo Watch

Given all the cool things we’re doing in the Superhero Week, we thought a dash of our tattoos library would be in perfect sync. Who: Miley Cyrus What: LOVE tattoo  Miley has a couple of tattoos – one says ‘Just Breathe’ on her rib cage and is dedicated to her friend who died of lung disease. She … Continue reading