How to be Poison Ivy chic?

The Super villain of DC comics, the sexy temptress and the undeniable chemistry she shares with her biggest foe Batman, Poison Ivy is one of the favourites with the Pret-Amoda team. Here’s a few ways in which you can achieve her sexy charm. WILD HAIR: A large part of being the temptress lies in your hair. Long … Continue reading

The Wonder Woman Fashion Story

The DC comic superhero, the Wonder Woman was conceived in 1941 and has since then continued to be one of the all-time favourite superheroes for the world. This Amazon pirincess is sexy and a feminist of sorts, her demand for sexual equality and super-human strength make her an aspirational figure.  Her indestructible bracelets and tiara are an … Continue reading

The Sexiest Superhero Costumes, Ever!

For Superhero Week, we did a quick round-up of the sexiest superhero costumes – only with women of course. CATWOMAN from CATWOMAN INVISIBLE WOMAN from Fantastic Four SILK SPECTRE II from WATCHMEN BLACK WIDOW from IRON MAN 2