Must-have evening clutches

Box clutches, oversized clutches, embellished clutches and grunge inspired clutches are all the fashion flavour of the season. We bring you some of our favourite picks.

The grunge bag:
This studded piece is so chic and edgy. We would contrast our girly prints and sexy cocktail dresses with it.

Spunky Clutch by Ketchup

Colour-block oversized clutch:
This baby is a winner all the way. Simple and effective in adding those pops of colours we keep talking about. Fresh and vibrant, wear with your basic pastels, whites and solids.

Boomerang Clutch by Purple Sack


Miss Chic:
This textured box clutch is a fine example of elegance and style. Wear it to formal events, dinners and black tie events too.

Treasure Clutch by Ketchup

Dream girl:
This mermaid-esque clutch reminds us of the disco era. Wear this statement clutch with the plainest of dresses or pants and be ready to hog the limelight.

Infinity Clutch by Gayatri Chopra

Pop art:
This piece of art on a handbag will become a conversation starter. Statement making and absolutely fabulous on any outfit, we recommend this for the adventurous fashionista.

Pop art clutch by Anusha Lalwani


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