One bag, one week

If you thought a statement bag can be worn only in one way, you are so wrong. We show you how our pick of the week can be worn in seven different avatars. Try it. MONDAY:The lunch bag: Bring out your playsuits and rompers in any colour you  please and pair it with your statement bag. Pair … Continue reading

How celebs wear their neons?

We gave you a tutorial on how to wear neons but here’s a quick look into how celebs wear theirs. Some of our select favourite ways of wearing neons. IN CLOTHES Leighton Meester: The ‘Gossip Girl’ Blair is a fashion goddess and women all over the world watch every episode in hopes to capture her … Continue reading

What not to do at a bachelorette party

Planning the perfect bachelorette for your best friend is not easy. Here’s a list of common mistakes you can avoid. Don’t surprise the bride-to-be: Yes, we know you so want to surprise her and that’s how it’s done and all that, but hear us out. The location and the the time can be an absolute … Continue reading

How to wear your little black summer dress

We picked out the perfect little black dress for summer. In ikkat print, the dress is trendy and the little flare suits almost any body type. Here’s a bunch of ways in which you can wear the dress. Dress: Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta With shorts: In the summer its absolutely fun to team your … Continue reading

Celeb Social Mania

In the fast-paced world of Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming we put together some recent social media pictures put up by celebrities sharing their most personal moments. Jessica Alba: This is so heart-warming to see, a perfect family picture. What really beats us is how gorgeous Jessica Alba looks in her non-glamorous avatar too. Victoria Beckham: … Continue reading

The Lara Croft Inspiration

Born in royalty, Lara Croft fought many personal tragedies including the demise of her parents. A fearless explorer, Lara Croft is feminine and athletic at the same time. This action-figure is what fantasies are made up of. We tell you how to get the rugged feminine spark for yourself. The plait: Lara Croft’s signature long … Continue reading

The Pinky ring trend

Usually only brought out for a pinky swear, our little finger is often neglected. This has been the case with fashion as well but that is changing fast. The pinky finger is now getting preferential treatement with celebrities wearing everything from plain bands to chunky rings on their little finger. This means you don’t need to step out … Continue reading

How to be Poison Ivy chic?

The Super villain of DC comics, the sexy temptress and the undeniable chemistry she shares with her biggest foe Batman, Poison Ivy is one of the favourites with the Pret-Amoda team. Here’s a few ways in which you can achieve her sexy charm. WILD HAIR: A large part of being the temptress lies in your hair. Long … Continue reading

Tattoo Watch

Given all the cool things we’re doing in the Superhero Week, we thought a dash of our tattoos library would be in perfect sync. Who: Miley Cyrus What: LOVE tattoo  Miley has a couple of tattoos – one says ‘Just Breathe’ on her rib cage and is dedicated to her friend who died of lung disease. She … Continue reading

How to be Catwoman Chic

Be your man’s secret fanstasy and treat him to a whole new over the top sexy avatar with quick tips that transform you from geek to chic in minutes. Winged eyeliner: Thick cat eyes or even a slim line of winged eyes are very in this season. Bring out the darkest black for the purpose. … Continue reading