Picking the right jewelry

Since Pret-amoda has got so much new jewelry online, I decided to dedicate this post entirely to JEWELRY and how to style it right. First of all, there are THREE major things that need to be considered when choosing the right accessory for your outfit: The shape of your face The tone of your skin The style … Continue reading

Diwali for fashionistas

Diwali is coming up. A bit more than a week and I am already getting nervous because I have not found the right outfits for this year’s festival of lights. This year, I wanted to find something different. Something that stands out. Being surrounded by fashion ALL THE TIME does not make it easier to … Continue reading

Online shopping

Hey guys, It’s me again, Candy. So today I want to touch the whole concept of online shopping. It seems that the number of e-commerce websites has increased tremendously in the last couple of years, hence I would like to know what you fashionistas and online shoppers think about it. Popular blogger Fashion Bombay  talked … Continue reading

Fashion Show WIFW Day 4

OMG OMG OMG (oh my gosh- for everyone who is not used to abbreviations, shortcuts and Internet language)- I got to sit FRONT row during the five first shows starring Hi-5 by Chandrani Siingh Fllora, Dolly J, Niket & Jainee, Rahul Singh and Saaj by Ankita. I hope the chick from Harper’s Bazaar did not … Continue reading


Hello my fashionable readers, Day 3 of Wills International Fashion Show (WIFW) featured some pretty amazing shows. There was lots and lots of ivory and white as well as tons of colours. Divyam Mehta started the day off with an outstanding collection made up from organic cotton and linen in pastel colours. I loved it- … Continue reading

WIFW Day 2

What a day! Day two was great and designers were surprising us with new fabrics, colours and lots of sparkle. Stars of the show included Samant Chauhan, Urvashi Kaur, Manish Gupta, Amit Aggarwal and Ankur & Priyanki Modi. Samant Chauhan’s theme was based on Rajasthani garments and the loud Bollywood music in the background  made … Continue reading

WIFW Day 1

Hey guys, I just returned from the first day of Wills International Fashion Week in Delhi and I must say it was a good start. After some browsing for some new designers at the stalls, the Pret-amoda team hurried to the first show to get some decent seats. Of course we wanted to have the … Continue reading

Off the Fashion Ramp Now Comes Online: The Pret-amoda Story

Hello fashionistas, we have great news. Pret-amoda was featured in yourstory.in. The interview below tells you how it got started and everything you need to know about the online fashion business. Enjoy reading and stop by Pret-amoda.com! Experimental yet completely simple to use, Pret-Amoda is more than just an online store. It features shopping across … Continue reading

Fashion show

Fashion show here we come! Pret-amoda has been on a fashion high in the last couple of days, even weeks. Sourcing new designers and getting ready for Delhi Fashion week, which starts on October 8th , has been fun but also time consuming. But hard work pays off and we have got some GREAT new garments … Continue reading